Regent Park School of Music

Helping Kids Succeed Through Music


Helping Kids Succeed Through Music

Regent Park School of Music is non-profit community music school. We are here to give as many kids as possible a music education, by removing the financial obstacle.

This year, we are set to give 1,000 young people aged 3-18 a highly subsidized quality music education at our central hub in Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park and in Jane and Finch and other high-priority neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Our goal is to help kids succeed through music. For over 18 years we have seen that the study of music allows young people to flourish creatively, personally and academically…enriching their lives and future prospects.

Our students have access to over 80 dedicated music teachers and an array of musical options and instruments. They study everything from classical piano and violin to turntablism and electronic music and perform all over the city.

We are most grateful to many individuals, foundations and corporations for investing in our students and giving them the gift of music.

If you’d like to learn more about RPSM, arrange a tour, hear some of our youngsters in action and discover how you might help too, please contact me. Your interest is really appreciated.

Richard Marsella, Executive Director, RPSM
416 364 8900 X 4

Charitable Business #  87487 8903 RR0001

Recent News

Music Changes Lives

Here is an amazing short film about one of our students Nikita, produced by Oana Dragan and Stephanie Bailis:


RPSM Annual Report

To see our latest annual report, please click here.

Regent Park School of Music



A look into the Regent Park School of Music and why music is so important to our students, staff and faculty.

Directed by Zack Bernbaum, and produced by Ezekial Productions.

Stay tuned for other videos from the RPSM Youtube Channel!



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Feb 3 2018
Sheraton Hotel


Jan 24, 2018
Monsignor Fraser
40 Norfinch Dr


Feb 27 2018
Daniels Spectrum
FREE event

Crescendo 2018

Daniels Spectrum
Wed May 2, 2018


Make Me a Song (premiere!)

May 26 2018
Daniels Spectrum
Time TBC


June 24, 2018
585 Dundas St. E


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